Available for Adoption Soon!

Meet Tiger the Great! he is about 4-5 years old and was forced to live outside his whole life. He does get around, amazing considering his right front leg was broken and never attended to and it had to heal on its own, so he limps to compensate. Because of this his left paw is almost twice the size of his right paw. He is the sweetest thing. He has never been trained, so, we are training him. Starting with the basics. He will be available for meets in about a month. We still need to assess all of his behaviors to see if there are some or even one that needs to be addressed. Welcome the newest mistreated dog to the Dawgz, Tailz & Wagz family. We will make him a better dog and a well trained one. For more information please contact Robert Kezer!

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Available For Adoption!

Meet Wonderful Winnie! she is about 4.5 years old and was taken to the vet to be euthanized, but the vet would not do it, so here she is looking for a home.

She is a sweet sweet dog who is low energy and likes to cuddle a lot. Perfect for an older person living in an apartment or mobile home. 

She can be around dogs without issue as well as cats. 

For more information please contact Robert Kezer!

(480) 450-5954